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Marketing Services Include


Unless you intend to be a one-hit-wonder, a key element to consider is to fully merchandise your timepiece category for your client base. Whether your selling direct to consumer or through retailers, the success of your watch program will be related to the future development of your watch category. Since you will be defining your brand by this timepiece, you will need to consider what the expansion of the category will look-like in the near future and plan for success and expansion! Therefore, you need to consider:

- Various materials, colors
- Design for seasonality (especially if it's a fashion watch)
- Different price options to test price sensitivity
- Offering unique case model options - however related to your reason for being design.
- You will need to develop a core/basic line offering.

Packaging & Displays

Great packaging is especially significant for a watch product because it can have a direct impact on sales and a company's overall appeal. American Watch will identify industry trends and suggest packaging design and styles. In collaboration with you, our design team will help lead the development team and direction of current and new packaging ideas to maximize the business opportunity by:
Know the timepiece demographic:

- We know how to make inexpensive look expensive
- We make the package part of the experience
- Consider eco-friendly designs and materials
- Personalize your packaging when possible

Imaging, Multimedia Production

Today your watch needs a 360 integrated marketing plan spread across your website, social media, digital advertising, out of home, and traditional print media. Not only can we provide you the blueprint, but we can also implement it. Our in-house graphic design team brings your visions to life through images, video, and sound. We have several packages we can offer for:

– Campaign Strategy
– Art Direction
– Video & Photography
– Print Production
– Social Media Buys

– Graphic Design
– Production Design
– Video
– Audio
– Print Production


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