Watch Production

Watch Production Services

From logo watches to private label manufacturing, we keep raising the bar to delight and amaze our clients.

We work with our clients to offer all the watch industry competencies needed to fulfill the best timepiece experience for your end consumer.


Every piece is designed with the vision of our customer’s brand. Most watch designs are handcrafted in-house. We have an international network of watch factories and movement suppliers to get the watch production job done.


Assembling the watches and movements is the most important part of the manufacturing process. When watch assembly is done right, it ensures the overall accuracy and water-resistance of the watch.


Within our watch production our designers create your brand vision and work continuously in collaboration with product managers and engineers at every phase of the product development process.


We offer design and variety of packaging. Contact us to view options.

We also offer a simple Logo Watch service! Just upload your design or logo on a watch dial and that’s it!

You can upload your design or logo in real-time on the face of a watch right now – for under $100! There are many styles to choose from. Order (1) one sample watch or (100) one-hundred with our online designer from American Logo Watch!

Watch Pricing & Plans

To obtain an accurate quote, contact us via our form.

Custom quotes on large production orders or assembly please contact us at [email protected]

Marketing & Imaging

We understand the web’s best practices to make your campaign successful through any digital channel. We can discuss several packages should you need our assistance.

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