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We are an American watch and timepiece manufacturer cultured in the values of traditional watchmaking. We will easily exceed your expectations in quality, design, and especially, customer service. Assembled in the USA with over 30-years of watchmaking experience, American Watch has the know-how and the network to make your private label watch program launch on time and within your budget.

Design & Engineering

Our watch designers and engineers are located here in California, synonymous with technology, precision, and quality.

After Sales Service

Our watches are guaranteed and serviced here in the USA. We customize support services based on your needs.

Your Watch Program

We can handle everything: creative, watch design, watch manufacturing, packaging, displays, storage, and fulfillment. We are truly turn-key, located in the USA.

Manufacturing & Assembly

We have the network, expertise, and knowledge to create the highest-quality custom watch products at any price range.

Logo Watches

Try our online customizer that lets you place your own design or logo on a watch dial. Choose from a variety of watch styles and watch brands. Your watch design will arrive in 10 business days!

Marketing & Imagery

We understand what it takes to make your digital marketing and/or crowdfunding campaign successful.

Start Creating Your Own Watch Today

A typical time frame from design to delivery is
60 - 180 days

Watchmaking Specialists

For over 30-years we’ve been passionately producing quality watches in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Many of our watch models are designed and hand-assembled in our 15,000 square foot, free-standing watch factory here.

Here at American Watch, we believe every element in the watch designing process is nuclear. We pay attention to those areas where others fail and make sure there are no faults in the finished product or flaws in the watch packaging. Our quality control is second to none.

Our success starts with on-time, on-budget delivery. We don’t "sugar-coat" delivery problems or production issues. You will know when we begin production on your watches and how much it will cost.

Attention to Detail

American Watch is a luxury watch manufacturer that understands the art of watchmaking. Our watches are curated by top-watch designers, ensuring only the highest-quality output.

Our goal is to be the best custom watchmaker in the USA. We are an affordable watchmaker who understands how to achieve your final goal without breaking the bank. For more control, we offer final assembly here in our Los Angeles factory.

Inside Our Watches

American Watch has the know-how to make your project happen, on-time and in the budget.

Auto / Mechanical

Mechanical movements are often chosen over quartz movements for luxury watches due to their high level of quality and craftsmanship. We can supply Swiss, Japanese, and Chinese mechanical or automatic movements.


Quartz movements are highly-accurate and require minimal maintenance aside from battery replacements. They are cost-efficient, battery-powered, and have few moving parts. We suggest Japanese or Swiss quartz movements.

Smart / Digital

With our vast network of developers, watch specialists, and smart movement manufacturers, both domestically and internationally, we have the capability to engineer, design, and program the technology needed for your smartwatch or digital project.

We're Smart too!

Smartwatch manufacturing is about re-purposing data. It's imperative to have excellent communication during the design and programming processes. At American Watch, we have collaborative practices that meet the challenging demands of our customers.

Watch Pricing & Plans

To obtain an accurate quote, contact us via our form. Custom quotes on large production orders or assembly please contact us at [email protected]

We also offer a simple Logo Watch service! Just upload your design or logo on a watch dial and that’s it!

You can upload your design or logo in realtime on the face of a watch right now - for under $100! There are many styles to choose from.

Order (1) one sample watch or (100) one-hundred with our online designer from American Logo Watch!

Famous Watch Projects

Our principals have worked with some the best brands in the business: