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Have our team custom design and manufacture your watch from start to finish, or Choose from our catalog of watches to customize.

ODM vs. OEM Watches: Which option is right for you?

There are two different ways of going about watch manufacturing: ODM and OEM. Understanding the differences between these terms is an important first step to take.

ODM: Original Design Manufacturing

To begin the ODM process, you can select a pre-existing watch design from our watch design catalog. You are able to make a few small modifications to the watch dial design and watch case, then sell it under your own brand name. Modifications can include things like case colors/finishing, band type, and some limited adjustments to functionality. It is a low-cost way to start your watch brand. 

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturing

Interested in our OEM process, this option allows you to create an exclusive watch brand. You can fully design the watch case, dial, hands, band/bracelet, and functionality. Your watches can be set at whatever price you wish. American Watch will gladly sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

While this process is more expensive, it gives you total creative control over the watchmaking process and ensures your watch will stand out.

ODM vs OEM: What's the Difference?

Learn more about what goes into watch manufactruing, OEM, ODM, and other FAQs regarding watch making.

ODM Watches

ODM watches (or “original design manufactured” watches) are watches that are designed and manufactured by American Watch Company. We offer a variety of popular styles available for individual customization. These watches intentionally have no logos or markings on the dials, so there is space for printing custom logos and engraving to create private label watches. Not sure where to start with your original design? Check out our watch design catalog for some inspiration to get started.

How does the ODM process work?

Let’s say your company has a great idea for a watch. You have done your research and know it will perform well in the market, so you decide to move forward and produce the watch. However, you don’t need many units to get started or don’t have the funds or time to produce an OEM (custom, made-from-scratch) watch.

That’s where we come in.

We have a robust watch design catalog of assorted popular watch styles to choose from and customize. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have your private label watches in hand and ready to sell!

Why choose an ODM watch process?

If you want to expand your product offerings to include watches or start your own watch brand, choosing our ODM process is a great way to create ready-to-sell private label watches quickly and cost effectively. ODM watches are not custom-made specifically for one buyer. Rather, they are initially offered as blank templates that can be customized with your brand. These same designs are also made available to other companies to apply their brand and sell. This is also known as “white label” manufacturing or a “private label” process.

Customization options on ODM watches
The high-quality watches in our catalog come in various styles and movements and allow for a wide range of customizations, outlined below.
Custom logo or engraving

(no minimum order)

Add custom logos or artwork on the dial or engraving on the back with no minimum per style. Just choose your watch selections from our catalog, send us your artwork or engraving, and we’ll have your ODM watches ready in a few weeks. There is no minimum quantity order for custom logos or engraving.

Change bands or dial styles

(100-150 qty. minimum)

Additional customizations, such as changing the bands or dial styles, are also available. If you want additional customization beyond printing the dial and engraving the backs, the minimum order quantity is 100-150 pieces of the same style (depending on the modifications requested). 

Change movement type, case color, or dial design

(300-500 qty. minimum)

If you want to change even more than printing, engraving, dial color, and bands, we’ve got options for you too! You can also customize the movement type, change the case color, and change the dial design. This more advanced level of customization requires a 45-90 production turnaround and a minimum order of 300-500 pieces per style (depending on the modification). Of course, if heavier customization is desired, you may want to look into an OEM process instead of an ODM process. We also offer custom packaging, which is not included in our ODM watch design.

Once a watch or watches are selected and art files are received for printing, we digitally send you virtual images for proofing. This gives you the opportunity for adjustments on your custom ODM watches, if needed. Once we get your final approval, we proceed with the printing, engraving, and customization of your watch order.

American Watch Company’s ODM watches are high quality and we offer a 1-year warranty with each watch.  American Watch Company is based in Los Angeles and are available for showroom appointment or online prompt customer service.

Prices per style are available at the end of the catalog.

OEM Watches

  1. OEM watches (or “original equipment manufactured” watches) are completely custom, made from scratch watches tailored to a customer’s individual designs and specifications. We can work within your budget if price sensitivity is a factor or ensure your OEM watches are built and assembled in the USA if that’s important to your brand, or. American Watch Company will gladly sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property before getting started on your OEM watch. 

Why Choose an OEM Watch Process?

Say your company has a completely original watch idea, but you’re running into one of the following challenges:

  1. You don’t have any idea how and where to start.
  2. You have market research and created or collected a list of watch designs and specs (for example: case material, movement, case size, glass type, dial design, band type, etc.) that you would like to develop into your own brand of watches, but lack the manufacturing capacity to produce it.

One of the big benefits of using an OEM watch manufacturer, from a product development standpoint, is that you will have few, if any costs, associated with researching, designing and testing new products. We know every aspect of the watch industry and we can help with the entire watch design, production, packaging, fulfillment, and marketing process from beginning to end.

We allow businesses to design and produce custom watches and get them to market with ease. American Watch Company offers full service watch production, from design to prototype to mass production. We have 30+ years of industry experience and can guide you through the process to make sure you are satisfied and successful.

How does the OEM watch process work?
  1. You bring your ideas to American Watch Company.
  2. We supply 3D-rendered designs, technical drawings, final specs, prototypes, and final production. Our design team will help you design and create the watch case, dial, band, hands, etc. and work to make sure we’re on target with your budget. You would work with our design team directly, and every step will be approved by you.

*NOTE: The MOQ (minimum order quantity) for an OEM production is 300-500 pieces per style.

Options for OEM watches

There are two OEM options with American Watch: 

1. Prototype Only.

2. Prototype & Production.

Option 1: OEM Prototype Only

This process from start to finish varies in the length of time depending the final design and specs. All details of the specs and visual references are shared with the tech designer. The designer contacts you review all the details with you.

The cost of a “Prototype Only” varies, depending on the final approved design and specs. At the end of this process, you will have a working prototype, rendered 3D & technical drawings, and complete specs & the cost per unit for future mass production.

Prices per unit will be honored for 30 days after you’ve approved the Prototype. Beyond 30 days, American Watch will re-evaluate the production price and approve the new prices should you decide to move forward into a production.

Option 2: OEM Prototype & Production to Follow

This process from start to finish varies in the length of time depending the final design and specs.  All details of the specs and visual references are shared with the tech designer.  The designer contacts you review all the details with you.

The cost of this process depends on your budget per unit, your overall budget, your final designs, and specs. This process includes the rendered 3D & technical drawing, prototype & mass production.


OEM Watches FAQ

Approximate production timeline?

The approximate production breakdown is as follows:

  • Design Stage: ~10-30 days
  • Prototype Stage: ~90-110 days (after the approved Design Stage)
  • Production Stage: ~90-110 days (after the approved Prototype Stage)
What is the payment process for either OEM process?

To begin, a retainer/deposit fee will be required.  We will begin the design and technical drawing process for both options, “prototype only” or “prototype with a production to follow”, right away.

Payment process for OEM prototype “only”:
  • After drawing approval and before prototyping begins, a 50% of the total order for will be required.
  • Once the prototype is ready (10 days prior to shipment), the balance of the order (minus the retainer/deposit fee) will be required before the delivery of the prototype.
Payment process for OEM “prototype with a production to follow”:
  • After drawing approval and before prototyping, a 25% deposit of the total order will be required.
  • After the prototype is delivered and approved, another 25% of the total order will be required to begin mass production.
  • Once productions is ready (10 days prior of shipment) the balance of 50% (minus the deposit) will need to be settled.
  • We offer inspection of all goods in our facility before shipping. 

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