Private Label Watch Branding

Private Label Watch

At American Watch, we offer private label watches that can be manufactured with custom logos or finishing to fulfill a special order.

“Private label” refers to any watch that was manufactured with custom logos or finishing to fulfill a special order. At American Watch, we offer private label watches to our clients through Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) processes. Private label watches are available in a wide range of styles, movements, materials, finishes, and colors. Each timepiece is designed with the vision of our customer’s brand, and most are hand assembled in-house, at our Los Angeles factory.

Our promise to the customer is that we strive for on-time delivery of our watches at a fair price with a luxury look and feel. American Watch can help you create and produce your own watch brand through their OEM (custom, made from scratch) process or our ODM process, existing watches (see our ODM Catalog) or our logo watch option which you can print and engrave your logo without a minimum order quantity.

Private Label Considerations

There are a few points to consider once you’re certain you want to make Private Label Watches. 

  • What’s your overall budget/price you want to pay per watch?
  • What price do you want to sell each watch for?
  • How many of a style do you want to produce?
  • Do you want a prototype only?
  • Do you want a prototype with a production to follow?
  • Do you have any specs for this watch? (Material: Stainless Steel, Titanium, etc., Movement type, Case Size, Glass Type, Dial Design, Band Type, etc.)
  • Do you have any visual references?
  • When do you want the watches to arrive in your hands?
  • Do you know if you want an ODM or OEM process?

Creating ODM Private Label Watches

1. We begin by helping you choose your watch style from the American Watch ODM Catalog of existing watches. American Watch has a large range of popular watches and watch band styles to fit your needs. There are Quartz, Automatic / Manual, and Smartwatch movements, different color options, and band materials.  Due to this variety, creating a tailored men’s or women’s watch is easy to do with American Watch. 2. Add your personal branding to your beautiful new timepiece. Our highly skilled watchmakers can place your logo/image anywhere on the watch face and/or engrave the back case of the watch. Send us a copy of the logo design/artwork in any of these formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, PSD, or AI. 3. Once you’ve decided on the watch style, the branding, and what you want on the dial and case back, we will provide you with a mockup for approval. 4. After that, we take care of the manufacturing and delivery.

Why ODM is a Great Option

This option is great if you have little time or want to get started selling quickly.  Generally, we can have your order ready for shipping within 2 weeks (depending on our inventory at the time of your order).

At American Watch, we strive to be on-time and within your set budget so there are never any surprises. Fill out the form below and begin your journey with us.

Once you’ve filled out the contact form, we will contact you and walk-through each step of the process.

Creating OEM Private Label Watches

Decide which OEM option works best for your project:

Option 1:   Prototype Only (1pc.) no commitment to production. 

Option 2: Prototype with a Production to follow.

Know the specs for this watch if possible such:

MaterialStainless Steel, Titanium, etc.,

Movement: Automatic, quartz, Solar, etc.  

Functions: Chronograph, Smart, etc.

Case Size:, Glass Type, Dial Design, Band Type, etc.

Have visual references for this watch:
Sketches and/or images of what you have in mind.

Our design team will help you design and create the watch case, dial, band, hands, etc. and work with you on the price target.  You will work directly with our design team, and everything will be approved by you

OEM - Options:

1.)  PROTOTYPE ONLY (1pc):

This option include; design & 3D renderings and working prototypes. At the end of the Design Stage, you will have the full specs of your watch and a production price that we will honor for 30 days should you decide to move into a production.

Prototypes will vary in cost depending upon final design & specs. 

2.)  PROTOTYPE with a PRODUCTION to follow:

Commit to a minimum order (starting at 500pcs per style )

This options include; design & 3D renderings, working prototypes and go into production once the prototype is approved. With this option we will provide you with a prototype for approval before we go into production.  You will not be paying for the prototype. The per unit production costs will be determined by the final specs and designs we create with you.

Prototype with a Production to follow will be the most cost effective  process.  


Approximate Production Timeline Breakdown :

  • Design Stage – ~12-30 days
  • Prototype Stage – ~60-90 days (After drawing approval)
  • Production Stage – ~60-120 days (After prototype approval)

Please fill out the contact form, we will contact you and walk through each step of the process.

For Private Label order with a Specific Movement

There are 2 options to consider for Private Label when wanting to use a specific movement:

Option 1:  An OEM process (custom, made from scratch) – min. 500pcs – which can breakdown into 3 finishes; gold, silver, black, etc.

Option 2:  Or an ODM process (using existing watch styles: see our catalog) with low min. 300-500pcs with orders of the same style, which can breakdown into 3 finishes; gold, silver, black, etc.

If you’re looking for 1pc or 100+ pieces with your logo/art on the dial/engraving on the back, good quality watch(es), our American Watch ODM Watch Catalog is a good option. If you’re on a limited budget, just getting started with a new brand, or need special gifts, there may be an “existing watch style” in our American Watch ODM catalog that is workable for you.

If you want to order a completely custom watch made from scratch? That’s an OEM process.

We’ll do our best to help you with either option you think you want to pursue.

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