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American Watch Services Include

Through years of experience, we have acquired proprietary watch design principles that are applied to every project. Ranging from case height tolerances to the dial texture. In other words, as a leading watch design company, it’s our goal to help you achieve the perfect custom built watch design. Our expert horologists make certain all our watch designs encompass the following:

Important Watch Design Features


Especially if you're creating your own watch company or brand from scratch, you should work with an American watch maker who has a passion for tradition, design, workmanship, and brand stewardship. These attributes can only be realized through watch specialists who have years of experience and knowledge in the business.



A well-engineered watch is perfectly balanced; it expresses emotion and quality through the material, color, shapes, and overall construction. The custom watch dial, case, and all other parts must be of the highest quality for the price point. It must also be comfortable and reliable to last a lifetime. At every step of the way, from design to production and assembly, American watch can help.



Functionality also means simplicity of operation. A watch should be comfortable but also a pleasure to manipulate. All watch interactions and functions must be visually apparent for optimum enjoyment. From the lugs to the pushbuttons, these must be in the right places, but also attractive.



Putting a new watch on your wrist should be a similar experience as driving a brand new car. We painstakingly make sure all the senses are sufficiently stimulated when finally in your end consumer’s hand. Likewise, we stand behind what we sell which are the best watches. We help our customers build and design their own watches which can later turn into their own watch brands/companies.

Technical Watch Drawings

To accurately capture all the geometric features of a watch product or a component, technical drawings are a must-have. Whether you’re creating a one-off prototype or for mass production, a technical drawing will be needed. American Watch’s in-house team of experienced watch engineers will assist in the design of your watch program.

Working with our Los Angeles-based in-house team, you're dealing directly in the USA. You no longer have to make multiple international calls or send numerous emails because your supplier does not understand your needs or is not familiar with your brand vision.

3D Watch Rendering

With photorealistic 3D renderings, you can make detailed changes and never need to start from scratch. Rendering saves time and money during the design process. 3D renders allow the design process to move faster with greater ease. Our 3D rendering process maintains marketing and brand consistency all across your marketing materials. The additional benefit of photorealistic 3D rendering, allows you to start your marketing efforts prior to production.

Integrated Watch Design

Partnering with American Watch eliminates unnecessary trial and error costs while reducing risks. The principles have developed watch programs for some of the greatest watch brands in the US and abroad. We are aware of the challenges and opportunities in this new economy. American Watch has a record of success, helping our clients grow to achieve profitable sales through creative design, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient business processes.

Working with our Los Angeles based in-house team you're dealing directly in the USA. You no longer have to make multiple international calls or send numerous emails because your supplier does not understand what you mean or are not familiar with your brand vision.


Watch Prototyping Services

Prototyping is an expensive method and can take a long time. Basic CNC prototyping for a working watch sample must go through the same design process for mass production. The prototype does not reduce any cost of your mass production.

3D Printing or CNC Prototyping

We will prototype a live sample using our proprietary watch-making 3D printing or CNC process. The key difference between 3D printing and CNC machining is that 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing and will only produce a "show and tell" version of your watch. 3D printing will NOT be a working sample.

CNC machining is subtractive. This means CNC machining starts with a block of material (called a blank) and cuts away material to create the finished part. The precision of a CNC sample will enable us to streamline the manufacturing workflow in the tooling-up process. Additionally, the high tolerances allow us to correct designs and make last-minute changes. Lastly, you will see and feel a solid working sample in real-time in a variety of finishes only available through our CNC process.


Alternatively, Build Your Own Watch In Minutes

You can test your idea and try some of your designs on a short run of watches. Design a watch in 15 minutes and have them delivered in a matter of days. As a leader in watch manufacturing, including smartwatches, our team will turn your idea into an American-made dream.

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