Watch Design & Engineering

Watch Design & Engineering

American Watch Company will guide you through designing your watch from start to finish.  Depending on your aesthetic desires, functions, elements and knowing the important characteristics of a quality watch,  American Watch Company will assist you to design your watch thoughtfully with our experienced technically designers, engineers and 30+ years of manufacturing experience to bring your watch vision into a reality.

Through years of experience, we have acquired proprietary design principles for watches that are applied to every project. Ranging from case height tolerances to the dial texture and what materials to use. In other words, as a leading watch design company, it’s our goal to help you achieve the perfect custom-built watch design. Our expert horologists make certain all our watch designs encompass details to form together a compelling, attractive final timepiece.

Our technical designers will help you design and create the watch case, dial, band, etc. keeping in mind your target price.  You would work directly with our design team, so every step of the design will be approved by you.

Important Watch Design Considerations

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All of our watches are designed and engineered by our in-house experts here in USA. You can rest assured knowing each of our watches are meticulously engineered according to your specifications, by an American watch maker with years of experience, a passion for tradition, and a history of precision craftsmanship.


A well-crafted watch is perfectly balanced, expressing emotion and quality through the materials, colors, shapes, and construction. Aesthetics and beauty matter when creating a watch that is uniquely your own. We are proud to have the taste, knowledge and capability to help your watchmaking dreams come alive in your next project.


We understand ergonomics and functionality should be of utmost consideration for any timepiece. A well designed watch should be comfortable for the wearer and intuitive for the daily user. All watch interactions and functions should be clearly apparent for optimum enjoyment, without sacrificing style and design.


Wearing a new watch should provoke a similar experience as enjoying a brand new car. From the soft, supple feeling of a genuine Italian leather strap, to selecting a case material which exhibits both strength and versatility, we painstakingly ensure all the senses are sufficiently stimulated by every material we source.

The Process of Designing a Watch

Technical Watch Drawings

To accurately capture all the features of a watch design or component, technical CAD drawings are an industry standard. Whether creating a prototype or planning mass production, our in-house team of experienced watch engineers and industrial designers are ready to assist in the design of your watch program.

3D Watch Renderings

We provide photorealistic 3D watch renderings as part of our watch design service. Before production or prototyping begins, 3D watch rendering enables us to visualize your unique watch project in real time. From case colors, bracelets, band options, dial designs and more, 3D rendering ensures your final watch design is exactly how you envisioned. We are also able to provide renderings to kick-start your marketing efforts prior to production.

In-House Watch Design

Partnering with American Watch eliminates unnecessary trial and error costs while reducing risks. The principles have developed watch programs for some of the greatest watch brands in the US and abroad. We are aware of the challenges and opportunities in this new economy. American Watch has a record of success, because we help our clients grow to achieve profitable sales through creative design, streamlined manufacturing, and efficient business processes. Working with our Los Angeles based in-house team you're dealing directly in the USA. You no longer have to make multiple international calls or send numerous emails because your supplier does not understand what you mean or are not familiar with your brand vision.

3D Printing & CNC Prototyping

We will provide a live sample using our proprietary watch-making 3D printing or CNC process. The key difference between 3D printing and CNC machining is that 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing and will only produce a “show and tell” version of your watch. 3D printing will NOT be a working sample.

CNC machining is subtractive. This means CNC machining starts with a block of material (called a blank) and cuts away material to create the finished part. The precision of a CNC sample will enable us to streamline the manufacturing workflow in the tooling-up process. Additionally, the high tolerances allow us to correct designs and make last-minute changes. Lastly, you will see and feel a solid working sample in real-time in a variety of finishes only available through our CNC process.

Let's Design Your Watch Together