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ODM and OEM Watch Manufacturing

There are two different ways of going about watch manufacturing: ODM and OEM. Understanding the differences between these terms is an important first step to take.

ODM: Original Design Manufacturing.
With this option, you select from an already-existing watch case design from our American Watch catalog. You are able to make a few small modifications to the watch case along with a new dial design and then sell it under your own brand name. Modifications can include things like case colors / finishing, band type, and some limited adjustments to functionality.

The advantage of ODM is that the development is cost effective, delivery timeframes are shorter, and it's quicker to get to mass production. There is also a lower minimum order quantity.

However, there are some drawbacks to this ODM option, such as your watch case may look similar to other brands.

Ultimately, If you're on a tight budget, ODM is a great choice.

OEM: Original Equipement Manufacturing.
This option allows you to create an exclusive watch brand. You can fully design the watch case, dial, hands, band / bracelet, and functionality. Your watches can be set at whatever price you wish. And, American Watch will gladly sign an NDA to protect your intellectual property.

Similarly, there are drawbacks here too. You have to spend much more on developing the watch including tooling and molds since the idea / design doesn't exist. Minimum order quantities may be higher and there will be longer delivery times for prototyping and mass production

If you have a creative or innovative watch idea, OEM would be a good choice.

American Watch can help you decide between the two. Simply click the link below to fill out a form and we'll come back you promptly.

ODM Watch Manufacturing

An original design manufacturer (ODM) is a company that designs and manufactures a product (a watch, for example), based on the client's product idea.

How does this work?

Company A has a great idea for a new automatic watch that performs a multitude of functions. The company has completed research and knows it'll perform well in the market so they decide they want to build the product, however, they don't know how to design it nor do they have the capability to manufacture it themselves so they turn to an ODM which designs and manufacturers it. This is a service that American Watch can offer to you.

OEM Watch Manufacturing

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a company that manufactures products (watches) that are based on the designs and specifications provided by their client.

How does this work?

Company A compiles market research and R&D and then develops its own brand of watches, but it doesn't have the capability to fulfill the market demand in time, so it turns to an OEM to do the manufacturing on its behalf. This is a service that American Watch can provide.


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