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Our USA Factory’s Watch Manufacturing Processes

Every piece is designed with our customer’s vision in mind, with most models hand-crafted in-house. With a vast network of factories and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally, American Watch Co. will exceed expectations. Whether Japanese, American or Swiss-made; automatic or quartz movement; price-centric and quality-centric, American Watch has the know-how and the network to make your private label watch program launch on time and within your budget.

No two projects are ever the same. Deciding where to manufacture high-quality custom watches, watch dials, and cases depends on a multitude of factors. Assuming that working directly with an overseas manufacturer is the most reasonable solution is an old-fashioned approach to operating a business in today's economy. Our goal is to be the best custom watch manufacturer in the USA.


OEM & ODM Watch Manufacturing

We offer both custom-made watches specific to your design (OEM) and in-stock, US-based watch designs that can be made “production-ready” for gifting or promotional opportunities (ODM).

CAD Watch Design

Upon submission of your preferred design, we will create detailed watch imaging and technical drawings. CAD allows for easier watch development and product management. It also allows for greater modeling, consistency in watch design, and even provides a basis for virtual networking.

International Sourcing

To help maintain our growth and competitive advantage we have amassed long-term relationships with the most reliable component suppliers in the world. This strategy increases our manufacturing flexibility through the introduction of parts, supplies, and watch movements from different watch component manufacturers.

Domestic and International Project Management

Our headquarters is in Los Angeles, California with a satellite office in Asia. We use several project management systems that can easily integrate within your organization.


California Proposition 65 - We manufacture without the use of hazardous materials and our products do not contain excessive amounts of restricted chemicals.
RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances
REACH stands for:
Registration: Chemical producers are required to register safety data
Evaluation: Experts evaluate safety data for higher volume chemicals
Authorization: Chemicals that are of “very high concern”
Restriction of Chemicals:
Chemicals: completely banned or can be restricted

Quality Control

Our expert horologists have established checkpoints throughout the entire production process. You can also book your own quality inspection at our facility in Los Angeles upon the completion of your production.


We have formal procedures for inspecting incoming watch cases, movements, bands, and all other components prior to assembly in the USA.

Independent Testing

Inspection and certification services (TIC) when required.


When it comes to bracelets and straps, we have a worldwide network to help source the materials. Whether you want Italian leather straps, German dials or Swiss mechanical movements, we have the source.

Watch Dial Personalization and Custom Engraving

We have streamlined the process of personalized watch programs. We can quickly do imprinting on (1) one, to 1,000 (one thousand-or more) watches right here in the USA. From custom dials, cases, to the watch itself, at American Watch, we have the know-how to manufacture create luxury-like products at a great price.


UPC, EDI, and barcoding for the USA or EU. We have the experience and the logistics team for a fast turn-around.


Our factory offers several different packing options as well as pre-pack services sorted for most major US retailers’ requirements. We know most major organizations' packing & shipping requirements to help minimize chargebacks.



We manufacture using the following materials:


14K & 18K Gold



metal watches Stainless-01

Stainless Steel

metal watches zinc

Zinc Alloy

Watch Pricing & Plans

To obtain an accurate quote, contact us via our form. Custom quotes on large production orders or assembly please contact us at [email protected]


ONE-OFF – Prototyping

One-offs are an opportunity to test the market and your design idea before committing to a significant production run. One-off production sometimes takes longer and is much more expensive than mass production, pre-production proof. Trust us as your watch prototype manufacturer who will take your project to the next level.

MASS PRODUCTION – We suggest this production model.

Mass production is when the watch product goes through the many stages of a production line. There are workers and machines at specific steps along the way that are responsible for making certain parts of the product. This production is quite reasonably priced due to the large-scale production techniques used.


This is when a series of watch products, with all the same watch case, are made jointly in small or large numbers. This equipment includes tools, molds, machinery, and labor.


Watches arrive at your warehouse exactly when they're needed.

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