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Assembling Watches

The Most Important Part of the Process

Hand-assembling watches and movements are the most important part of the manufacturing process. This step ensures the overall accuracy and water-resistance of the watch. Our team of advanced watchmakers has the expertise and precision needed to perform this stage of production.

There are many stages when assembling a watch. Depending upon the complexity of the watch movement and its added features, there can be anywhere from 10 to 100 stages of watch assembly. Perfection and patience are needed when placing watch parts and lining up their components. Each part placed must interact with each other in a minute space. Nothing can be out of alignment or you have to start all over. Watchmaking is an art that can only be performed by dedicated horologists.

Mechanical and Automatic Movements

With state-of-the-art testing instruments and advanced technology, our highly trained personnel perform all tests and verification for water resistance and movement accuracy. Additionally, American Watch offers high caliber mechanical and automatic movements as an assembly option here in the USA. Over the past decades, AWC has dedicated a large portion of its resources to training and developing our in-house watchmakers. We achieved our goal of bringing efficiency and quality watch assembly to the USA.

Working with American Watch brings peace of mind knowing your watches are being assembled by USA watchmakers. It’s also comforting to realize that our best American watchmakers are located here in Los Angeles and can take care of any problem quickly and efficiently.

Quartz and Smartwatch Assembly

When done correctly, quartz watch movements need less time and attention when assembling compared to mechanical movements. However, the base of assembly remains the same. Watch assembly is where many of the major problems begin. It’s also where potential issues are avoided. Keeping a watchful eye on the assembly team by taking random samples off the line and verifying their accuracy, is how we ensure quality control.

When contacting our assembly overseas, we have our own dedicated American Watch team of supervisors who have been overseeing our watch production for many years. Additionally, we have been manufacturing watches with the same loyal suppliers who are dedicated to our company. We use many of the same factories where several famous watch brands are manufactured. Lastly, our project management system has checks and balances to make sure we are on time and on budget.


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