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Drop Ship Programs

Partnering with American Watch eliminates unnecessary operating costs while reducing risks. We are aware of the challenges with on-time shipments direct to the consumer. We have a proven track record of success helping our clients grow and achieve profitable sales through efficient business processes.

Our work begins with a situation analysis, the building blocks for the final fulfillment strategy. We work with you and your team to clearly articulate the goals and objectives of your Company and from these “blocks”, determine the key areas we need to focus and finials the finalize formula for success.

- Your label or our label
- Choice of carrier
- Low entry barrier
- Individual billing per item
- Negotiated monthly flat rates
- Scalability
- Cross platforms, B2C, eBay, Amazon
- Accounting

Storage & Inventory Analysis

Save time and the expense of storing your own watch products and collateral. With our optional storage service, we will handle your watch boxes, watch inventory and warranty booklets. Consider the benefits of NOT having to deal with the following:

- Employee costs
- Insurance
- Leases
- Lost Time
Keep focused on the next watch design, launch or product line. We can handle all your logistical issues. We will also let you know what's selling faster and what you need to re-order soon.

EDI & Barcoding

We understand the complex problems and pitfalls associated with EDI. We are experts in each of the EDI solutions requested by major clients and online retailers. Each client is uniquely different. Additionally, online orders directly to the consumer have become the most important competency with trading partners. With so many changing initiatives, the fulfillment process has become more complicated. Some of your major trading partners will expect you to fulfill individual orders from your basic stock quickly and efficiently. American Watch has EDI/Barcoding packages that will suit your needs.

If you want to sell into any major client you may need to compliant in:

- UPC coded merchandise / pre-ticketed with their system preference.
- EDI acceptance / ASN Shipping compliancy
- EDI Catalog & Service / Maintenance
- Barcode label printing

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