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A representative will contact you shortly after we receive
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Please allow 24 hours for a response.

PROTOTYPE / Process and Time Line

24-48 Hours

A representative will contact you based upon your preferred time. You will discuss the design goals for your project.

1-3 Days

Based upon the decisions made with your representative, a formal invoice with your pre-determined deposit amount will be issued for payment.

4 – 7 days

After receipt of payment, you will be assigned a project manager. Your manager will contact you via phone to begin discussions on the formal design process and guide you through the rest of the process.

12 – 24 days

Initial design concepts and inspirational artboards will be exchanged and discussed through our project management system. You will be assigned your project management board. Additional  Information on how to use the approvals system will be provided.

30-60 days

3D designs will be submitted to you for the design direction. The finishes and watch components will also be consideredat this time. You will be allowed 3 design revision sessions. The final approval will be made. CAD software files are now needed to generate tool paths that drive machine tools to turn designs into physical parts to make the prototype.

90-120 Days

After full payment made, your watch design will go into fabrication to make your prototype. After hand finishing, the watch will then go into the assembly and final production. Your new watch is readied for packaging and shipment.

DISCLAIMER: Every effort is made to keep the time line running smoothly. However, American Watch takes no responsibility and will not be liable for, the production being late or postponed due to communication issues, delayed responses, supplier delays, acts of God or any issues beyond our control.

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